Abir अबीर

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  • Unique name
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  • 3 syllables and 4 letters
  • pronounced as None
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) अबीर

colour of sky during sun set Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Abir means dye in India, which used during the Holi festival. In Bengali abeer means colour of sky during sun set and in Marathi sandhi prakassh, also called 'gulal' (natural color). Abir means aroma, perfume in Arabic. In Hebrew, Abir means 'brave' man or 'knight'.

More about Abir

  • •Abir Chatterjee is a popular Bengali film and television actor.He is the son of noted theater personalities Phalguni and Rumki Chatterjee. •Abir Goswami was an Indian film and television actor. He worked in television serials like Kkusum, Pyaar Ka Dard Hai etc.

Spelling variations

  • Abeer
  • Aabir
  • Abir
  • Abhir
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