Arya अर्य / आर्या

  • Suitable for Boy / Girl
  • 2 syllables and 4 letters
  • pronounced as arya
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) अर्य / आर्या

Respectable Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Arya (अर्य) is a masculine / feminine first name in India that literally means excellent, favourable, true, attached to, honoured, noble, a lady and master in Sanskrit. It also means devoted, respected, worshipped, kind, auspicious, dear, excellent, faithful, worthy, wise and masterly and the truthful. The name originates from the Sanskrit language but is more often used as a Telugu name.

Intended meaning

Mention of the Sanskrit name Arya is found in Rig Veda (ऋग् वेद) in which this word refers to a kind, favourable, attached to, true, devoted, dear, kind. Arya finds reference in Lexicographers, esp. such as Amarasimha, Halayudha, Hemacandra with meaning excellent. Mention of Arya is found in Naighantuka (नैघण्टुक), Vajasaneyi Sanhita (वाजसनेयि संहिता) and Panini where Arya refers to a master, lord. Arya finds reference in the Mahabharata where this word refers to one of the 7 mothers present at the birth of Subrahmanya. Arya is also one of the names of the Hindu God Bhadrakali. The baby name, Arya is another name of goddess Parvathi.

Popularity of Arya

As per USA popularity, Arya is a popular name in the USA. Arya is in trend since 1889, where Arya was used by average 261 people per year as the name of their kids. Arya is a pretty popular name in India. As per social media profile count, Arya is used by nearly 1570 people as the name of their children. As far as we can tell, Arya is the sweet and common name. Arya also has very good meaning attached to it. The baby name Arya is originated from Hindu literature.

More about Arya

  • Arya, is an Indian film actor and producer.
  • Arya is a Telugu action romantic comedy film.
  • Arya Dewaker is a Hindu association that built probably one of the biggest mandirs (Hindu temples) of Suriname.
  • Arya Vaishya is an Indian caste.
  • Arya Stark is a fictional character created by American author George R. R. Martin.
  • Arya meter is a meter used in Sanskrit and Prakrit verses. A verse in arya metre is in four metrical feet called padas.
  • Arya Samaj is an Indian religious movement that promotes values and practices based on the infallibility of the Vedas.
  • Aryabhata or Aryabhata I was the first of the major mathematician-astronomers from the classical age of Indian mathematics and Indian astronomy.

Spelling variations

  • Arya
  • Aryaa
  • Ary
  • Aarya
  • Aary
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