Aryaman अर्यमन

  • Suitable for Boy
  • 4 syllables and 7 letters
  • pronounced as a/ry_a/man
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) अर्यमन

Literal meaning

Name Aryaman signifies "bosom friend," but is literally "noble one". Aryaman is another name for Surya or the Sun God.Aryama is the culmination of two dhaatus: Aha and Yama. Aha means an unit of time and Yama stands for controller. As the creator of day and night, Aryama(Sun) controls the movement of time.

More about Aryaman

  • Aryaman Bhaga was rejected by Āditi, leaving seven sons.
  • Aryamani was a Nubian king.

Spelling variations

  • Aryamana. Aryamani
  • Aryamman
  • Aryaman
  • Aaryaman
  • Aryamaan
  • Aryamana
  • Aryaaman
  • Aryaamana
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