Ati अति

  • Suitable for Girl
  • Unique name
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 2 syllables and 3 letters
  • pronounced as ati
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) अति

Excessively Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Sanskrit name Ati (Sanskrit अति) literally means extremely or exceedingly. Ati also refers to terms like too much, go beyond or very much.

Intended meaning

Mention of Sanskrit Name Ati is found in Riga Veda and Arthav Veda with meanings like beyond, at the top of and over. Reference of this name is also found in Sir Monier-Williams dictionary in which Ati denotes the act of passing, going, excessively, extremely, very and too much. Ati is also mentioned in various epics of Hindu mythology as a separable adverb or preposition, or a prefix often used with nouns to represent excessive or extraordinary.

Popularity of Ati

According to the graph shown above Ati is not a famous name in India. It is used by less than 75 people in India as the name of their kids. This is not at all a popular name in the USA. It is not used by any people of the USA as the name of their babies. Ati is short and easy to pronounce to non Indian, so Ati might get popular in next few years.

Spelling variations

  • Ati
  • Athi
  • Atee
  • Aati
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