Bhargavi भार्गवी

  • Suitable for Girl
  • 3 syllables and 8 letters
  • pronounced as bhar-ga/vi
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) भार्गवी

Literal meaning

Means "radiant, charming and beautiful" in Sanskrit.Bhargavi (Telugu), also known as Savitri, Gayatri, and Saraswati in Ancient Hindu customs of Goddess worship. In ancient India, Sage Bhrigu was Shiva's devotee. He had married kardama's daughter Khyati. In answer to the prayer of that couple, Goddess Parvathi was born as their daughter. Because she was the daughter of Bhrigu, she got the name 'Bhargavi'. She later married the Hindu God Shiva's avatar 'ChandraShekar' meaning one who holds the moon and brings solutions to all problems.

More about Bhargavi

  • Bhargavi Prabhanjan Rao a Sahitya Academi Awardee, was an eminent translator in Telugu Literature.

Spelling variations

  • Bhargavi
  • Bhaargavi
  • Bhargavii
  • Bhargawi
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