Datra दात्र

  • Suitable for Boy
  • 2 syllables and 5 letters
  • pronounced as dAtra
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) दात्र

Share Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Datra (दात्र) is an ancient word of Sanskrit origin which refers to allotted portion or possession. Datra also refers to share or some sort of sickle.

Intended meaning

Mention of Sanskrit name Datra is found in various Epics of Hindu mythology with different meanings depending on the context. Datra founds mention in Mahabharata (महाभारत) and Aapstamb (आपस्तम्ब) in which Datra means sort of sickle or crooked knife. This name is also referred in Riga Veda (ऋग् वेद) where this word refers to share, allotted portion or possession. In the book Ganesha, it is also used to describe Lord Ganesha as a donor who is benevolent arid generous, gives lavishly.

Popularity of Datra

As we can see in the graph above Datra is a somewhat popular name in the USA. Datra is used by about 70 people in the USA as the name of their babies. Datra is not a popular name in India. Datra is a short and stylish name. It also has a nice meaning attached to it.

Spelling variations

  • Datra
  • Dhatra
  • Daathra
  • Datraa
  • Dhaatra
  • Dhatraa
  • Dhathra
  • Dathraa
  • Dathra
Nick names

Datu दतु

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