Destri देष्ट्री

  • Suitable for Girl
  • 2 syllables and 6 letters
  • pronounced as deSTrI
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) देष्ट्री

Mark Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Sanskrit girl name Destri (देष्ट्री) means pointer or indicator.

Intended meaning

Destri (देष्ट्री) finds to be mentioned in Rig Veda (ऋग् वेद) and Atharva Veda where Destri is the name of a divine female. Also, Rig Veda has used Destri (देष्ट्री) in their works to refer an Apsara.

Popularity of Destri

As we can see in the graph above Destri is a somewhat popular name in the USA. Destri is used by about 31 people in the USA as the name of their babies. According to social networking site counts, when the name is spelled as Destri it is rated with only 0 count. Which shows this name is not at all popular. As far as we can tell, Destri is rare name. Name Destri is with ok meaning attached to it. Name Destri also have Sanskrit significance. Destri is difficult to pronounce.

Spelling variations

  • Destri
  • Destrii
  • Destree
  • Desthri
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