Devadatta देवदत्त

  • Suitable for Boy
  • Unique name
  • 4 syllables and 9 letters
  • pronounced as devadatta
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) देवदत्त

God Given Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Sanskrit name Devadatta (Sanskrit देवदत्त) refers to a precious gift from God or God given.

Intended meaning

Devadatta is an ancient word of Sanskrit origin. This word finds reference in Epics like Manu-Smiriti, Mahabharata, Vedantasaar (वेदान्तसार) and Bhagvat Puran. Devadatta founds to be referred in Manu-Smiriti and Mahabharata where it means something that is God given. This word is mentioned in Vedantasaar where it signifies one of the vital airs, which is exhaled in yawning. Devadatta also founds to be referred in Sir Monier-Williams dictionary where Devadatta is the name of cousin of Lord Buddha. And it was a son of Uru-shravas (उरु-श्रवस) and father of Agni-veshya (अग्नि-वेश्य), in Bhagvat Purana.

Popularity of Devadatta

Devadatta is a bit popular name in India. Here it is used by few people as the name of their children as it is shown in the chart. Devadatta is not popular in the USA. Devadatta is a little old stylish name, But it has a unique meaning with mythological significance.

More about Devadatta

  • Devadatta was by tradition a Buddhist monk, cousin and brother-in-law of Gautama Siddartha, the Sakyamuni Buddha, and brother of Ananda, a principal student of the Buddha.
  • Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik is an Indian physician.

Spelling variations

  • Devadatta
  • Dewadatta
  • Devadatt
  • Devaadatta
Nick names

Deva देवा

Datta दत्ता

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