Devashree देवश्री

  • Suitable for Girl
  • Unique name
  • 3 syllables and 9 letters
  • pronounced as devazrI
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) देवश्री

Divine goddess Short Meaning

Literal meaning

The girl name Devashree is derived from Sanskrit. It means "approaching the gods, worshipping, divine goddess and the divine light or splendor". Another meaning is the name of a rishi.

Intended meaning

Devashree is derived from the Sanskrit words Deva meaning "god" and Shree meaning "splendor, beauty". Thereby, Devashree can be loosely translated as "the divine light or splendor". Mention of Devashree is found in Vajasaneyi Sanhita (वाजसनेयि संहिता) and Mahidhara where Devashree refers to approaching the gods, worshipping. Devashree finds reference in Vishnu Purana (विष्णु पुराण) in which Devashree is the name of Rishi. Devashree is also found in thousand names of Lakshmi where Devashree refers to divine goddess.

Popularity of Devashree

The name Devashree is not adopted by any person in the USA as the name of their kids. The baby name Devashree is slightly difficult to pronounce. As per social media profile counts, Devashree (also alternate spelling Devasri, Dewashree, Devasree, Devshri, Devashri and Dewashri) are not a popular name in India. In our opinion, Devashree is a sweet and unique name. If you are looking for name with very good meaning, then Devashree is a good option. Devashree has great mythological reference.

Spelling variations

  • Devashree
  • Devasree
  • Devasri
  • Devashri
  • Dewashree
  • Dewashri
  • Devshri
Nick names

Sree श्री Deva देवा

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