Dharmaraj धर्मराज

  • Suitable for Boy
  • Unique name
  • 4 syllables and 9 letters
  • pronounced as dharmarAj
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) धर्मराज

Rule of Justice Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Sanskrit Name Dharmaraj (Sanskrit धर्मराज) literally means king of justice. Dharmaraj is also another name for Yudhishtir, Eldest brother of Pandavas.

Intended meaning

Ancient name Dharmaraj is a Sanskrit word which means king of justice. Dharmaraj founds reference in Bhagvat Puran and Manu Smiriti where it refers to a king that supports justice over all. Dharmaraj was also a king of Gaudadesa. This king is known to revive the vedic rites, as described in Bhagvat Puran. Mention of Dharmaraj is also found in Mahabharata where it is name of a known king of herons who was son of Kashyap and a fairy. Dharmaraj is also a name for Yudhisthir, the eldest brother of Pandavas. Yudhisthir was well known for his justice love even in the toughest of the scenrios. Yudhisthir never left the side of justice in any circumstances.

Popularity of Dharmaraj

Dharmaraj is not a popular name in the USA. Dharmaraj is a bit popular in India. According to social media only 500 people have name Dharmaraj. In our opinion Dharmaraj is a classical name with mythological significance attached to it.

More about Dharmaraj

  • Dharmaraj Ravanan is an Indian football player. He is currently playing for Bharat FC in the I-League in India as a Defender on loan from FC Pune City of the Indian Super League.
  • Dharmaraj Thapa was one of the most significant Nepali folk singers.
  • Dharmaraj is the father of Yudhisthira in the Hindu epic Mahabharata.

Spelling variations

  • Dharmaraja
  • Dharmaraj
  • Dharmaraaja
Nick names

Dharma धर्मा

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