Dhyanadeep ध्यानदीप

  • Suitable for Boy
  • 4 syllables and 10 letters
  • pronounced as dhyAnadIpa
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) ध्यानदीप

Icon of meditation Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Dhyanadeep is a word popularly used among Hindus as a masculine name. The literal meaning of Dhyanadeep (ध्यानदीप) is "icon of meditation and concentration".

Intended meaning

The baby name Dhyanadeep is a Sanskrit compound, joining the words Dhyana meaning attention, meditation and Deep meaning shine. Thereby, Dhyanadeep can be loosely translated as "icon of meditation and concentration".

Popularity of Dhyanadeep

According to social networking site counts, when the name is spelled as Dhyanadeep it is rated with only a 0 count. Which shows this name is not at all popular. In our opinion, Dhyanadeep is a rare name. Name Dhyanadeep is with good meaning attached to it. Dhyanadeep is not popular in the USA, because it is longer with 4 syllables and difficult to pronunciation too.

Spelling variations

  • Dhyanadeep
  • Dhyanaadip
  • Dyanadeep
  • Dhyanadip
  • Dyanadheep
  • Dhyaanadip
  • Dhyanadheep
  • Dyanadip
  • Dhyaanaadip
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