Kalita कलित

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  • Unique name
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 3 syllables and 6 letters
  • pronounced as kalita
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) कलित

Provided with Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Ancient word of Sanskrit origin Kalit (कलित) means made or formed. Kalit also refers to furnished with, provided with, divided or murmured.

Intended meaning

Mention of Kalit is found in Shishupal-Vadh (शिशुपाल-वध) where this word means made or formed. Mention of this name is also found in Vikramurvashi (विक्रमोर्वशी) and Bhavprakash (भावप्रकाश) where Kalit denotes furnished or provided with. Kalit is also referenced in Sir Monier-Williams dictionary with meanings like impelled or driven. This name is also mentioned in writings of lexicographers like Hemchandra and Amar Singh where Kalit means divided or separated.

Popularity of Kalita

As it is shown in the graph above Kalit is a popular name in the USA. Kalit is in trend since 1972. Kalit is used by 5-8 people per year till 1990 as the name of their children by the people of the USA. Kalit is a bit popular name in India. Here Kalit is used by only 22 people as the name of their kids. In our opinion, Kalit is rare name with ok meaning with mythological reference.

More about Kalita

  • The Kalita is a caste or a community of Hindus belonging to the state of Assam in North East India.
  • Arupa Kalita Patangia is an Assamese novelists and short story writer and known for her fiction writing in Assamese.

Spelling variations

  • Kalita
  • Kalitha
  • Kaalita
  • Kalit
  • Kalith
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