Kapali कपाली

  • Suitable for Boy
  • Unique name
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 3 syllables and 6 letters
  • pronounced as kapAlI
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) कपाली

Skull Carrier Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Ancient Sanskrit name Kapali (Sanskrit कपाली) literally refers to skull carrier or a person with a skull.

Intended meaning

Mention of Kapali is found in the Mahabharata where Kapali refers to one of the 11 rudras who was the son of Sthanu and the grandson of Brahma. Kapali also founds reference in Harivansh Puran in which Kapali is a son of Lord Krishna and Yudhisthiri. Kapali is another name of Lord Shiva. This name founds reference in the Epic Shiva in which this word signifies two halves of human skull put together to form a shell which represents the whole universe. In this shall one halve represents heaven and another skull represents earth.

Popularity of Kapali

Kapali is not a much popular name in India. As per social media records, Kapali is adopted by a mere 26 people in India as the name of their children. Kapali is not at all a popular name in the USA. Kapali is a unique name with a unique meaning attached to it. Kapali also has mythological significance attached to it.

More about Kapali

  • kapali a famous family name in tadavalaga village, indi taluk,bijapur dist karnataka.
  • Kapali, the ninth of the eleven Rudras.
  • Alok Kapali is a Bangladeshi cricketer.
  • T. K. Kapali was an Indian politician and former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu.
  • Kapali Eswaran is one of the founding members of the IBM System R Project, which formed the genesis of relational database technology.

Spelling variations

  • Kapali
  • Kapaali
  • Kaapali
Nick names

Kapil कपिल

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