Kashish काशिश,कशिश

  • Suitable for Boy / Girl
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 3 syllables and 7 letters
  • pronounced as kAzIza
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) काशिश,कशिश

Attraction Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Sanskrit boy name Kashish (Sanskrit: काशिश) literally means lord of Kashi. Hindi girl name Kashish (Hindi: कशिश) literally means Attraction or Attractiveness.

Intended meaning

According to Horace H. Wilson boy name Kashish (काशिश) means " the lord of the Kashi" and it is a another name of दिवो-दास (Divo-Dasa). Also Kashish (काशिश) is a name of Lord Shiva. Girl name Kashish (कशिश) means a deep kind of attraction in Hindi. Kashish also means a charming person. Kashish is also a feeling in which a person is deeply attracted to other person or some ideology. Kashish signifies temptation in young people also.

Popularity of Kashish

According to the graph Kashish is a popular name in USA. Kashish is sweet and easy to pronounce name, So it was getting popular from the year 2000 and it is still adopted as baby names. Kashish is a popular name in India also. According to social media, this name is used by more than 700 people in the India. In our opinion Kashish is a sweet and stylish name. Kashish has a beautiful meaning attached to it.

More about Kashish

  • Kashish Singh is an Indian actress and a model.
  • Kashish Television Network (K TV) is the first private Sindhi Music TV channel.

Spelling variations

  • Kashish
  • Kasheesh
  • Kaashish
Nick names

Kasi कसि

Compatible Nakshatra
Compatible Rashi
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