Kashyap कश्यप

  • Suitable for Boy
  • 3 syllables and 7 letters
  • pronounced as kazyapa
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) कश्यप

Divine Beings Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Sanskrit Name Kashyap (Sanskrit: कश्यप) literally means Tortoise.

Intended meaning

Reference of Kashyap is found in Mahabharata where Kashyap is a friend of the Pandavas. Kashyap is said to be an ancient sage, a descendant of Marichi who helped Ravan in kdnapping Sita. According to Hindu mythology Kashyap is author of several hymns of the Riga Veda, He was husband of Aditi and twelve other daughters of Daksh, he was father of Aditya and he is also said to be father of demons, snakes, reptiles, birds and all kind of living things. As per mentioned in Vedas, Kashyap means a class of divine beings associated with the term Prajapati or caretaker of people of his kingdom. Kashyap is also said to be the one who is regulating the sun. There are many other meaning of Kashyap as well, like a sort of fish, someone with black teeth, a tortoise, a kind of deer.

Popularity of Kashyap

Kashyap is a difficult to pronounce name. So Kashyap is used by only few people of USA as the name of their children since 2003. This name was mostly used between the periods of 2009 to 2013 as the name of their babies. Kashyap is also a popular name in India. Kashyap is name derived from mythological name.

More about Kashyap

  • P. Kashyap is a badminton player from India.
  • Kashyap Bandhu was a political leader and social reformer in Kashmir.

Spelling variations

  • Kashyap
  • Kasyap
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