Lokamatri लोकमात्री

  • Suitable for Girl
  • 4 syllables and 9 letters
  • pronounced as lokamAtrI
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) लोकमात्री

Mother of universe Short Meaning

Literal meaning

The girl name Lokamatri is derived from Sanskrit. It means "mother of the world".

Intended meaning

Lokamatri is derived from the Sanskrit words Loka meaning "world, universe" and Matri meaning "mother". Thereby, Lokamatri can be loosely translated as "mother of the world". The baby name, Lokamatri is another name for Lord as Lakshmi.

Popularity of Lokamatri

Lokamatri is not a popular name in the US as indicated by the popularity charts. It is difficult to pronounce for non Indians. Lokamatri is not a popular name in India. Lokamatri is adopted by only handful of people (rarely used) in India as the name of their kids. Name Lokamatri is rare. Lokamatri is a Sanskrit name with very good meaning.

Spelling variations

  • Lokamatri
  • Lokhamatri
  • Lokaamatri
  • Lokamathri
  • Lokhamathri
  • Lokamatrii
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