Maryada मर्यादा

  • Suitable for Girl
  • Unique name
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 3 syllables and 7 letters
  • pronounced as maryAdA
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) मर्यादा

Range Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Maryada (Sanskrit: मर्यादा) is a Sanskrit name which means range or limit.

Intended meaning

Reference of Maryada is found in Manu Smiriti where it refers to rule, a distinct law or definition the bounds of morality and limits of propriety. It also founds reference in Kavya literature and Mahabharata, where Maryada means a bond, contract, covenant or an agreement. Also Maryada was a name of the wife of Avachina (अवाचीन) and daughter of a king of Vidarbha (विदर्भ), as per mentioned in Mhabharata. Maryada is also mentioned in Riga-Veda too, where it depicts boundary, bank of a river, shore, frontier, limit or goal. This name is also mentioned in Kavya and Panchtantra (पञ्चतन्त्र), where the intended meaning of Maryada is the propriety of conduct or continuance in the right way.

Popularity of Maryada

Maryada is not a very popular name either in the USA or in India. Maryada is not used by any people in the USA. In India also a very little number of people have used this name as the name of their babies. In our opinion Maryada is a nice name with a nice meaning and it is rare name too. This is also a sweet and stylish name.

More about Maryada

  • Maryada, is a 1971 Bollywood tragedy film.
  • Maryada...of an Indian family is a Hindi TV serial that aired on TV Asia.
  • Maryada Ramanna is a 2010 Telugu comedy thriller film.

Spelling variations

  • Maryada
  • Maryadaa
  • Maryad
  • Maryadha
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