Mati मति

  • Suitable for Boy / Girl
  • Unique name
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 2 syllables and 4 letters
  • pronounced as mati
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) मति

Conviction Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Sanskrit Name Mati (Sanskrit मति) literally means opinion. Mati also means thought, intention, memory and mind.

Intended meaning

Reference of Mati is found in Epics like Riga Veda and Vajsaneyiya-Sanhita (वाजसनेयि-संहिता) with meanings like devotion, worship, prayer and hymn. Mati also found mention in (Manu-Smiriti (मनु-स्मृति) and Mahabharata where this word refers to opinion, idea, belief, notion, view, conviction and creed. Mention of name Mati is also found in Shatpath-Brahman (शतपथ-ब्राह्मण) where Mati means perception, mind, intelligent, understanding and judgement. Mati also founds to be referred in Kirataarjuniya (किरातार्जुनीय) in which this name refers to respect, esteem and regard. Reference of Mati found as feminine and masculine too. In the Mahabharata, Mati was regarded as a daughter of Daksh (दक्ष) and wife of Soma (सोम), or as the wife of Viveka (विवेक). But in Buddhist literature, Mati was a name of a King.

Popularity of Mati

As it is shown in the chart here, Mati is a somewhat popular name in the USA. Mati is used by 6-14 people per year as the name of their children between the periods of 2001 to 2013. Mati is a bit popular name in India. Mati is used by few people in India as the name of their children. Mati is short, sweet and easy to pronounce name. But It can be boy name or girl name. It is not a gender specific name.

More about Mati

  • Mati Airport, is an airport that serves the general area of Mati, the capital city of the province of Davao Oriental in the Philippines.

Spelling variations

  • Mati
  • Mathi
  • Matee
  • Mathee
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