Partha पार्थ

  • Suitable for Boy
  • 2 syllables and 6 letters
  • pronounced as par-tha
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) पार्थ

Literal meaning

Means "prince" in Sanskrit. It is also means son of Pritha, another name for Kunti. In Hindu legend this is another name for the Arjun, who was sons of Pritha and Pandu.

More about Partha

  • Parth Dave is a Bollywood actor.
  • Sir Partha Sarathi Dasgupta, FBA, FRS, is the Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.
  • Partha Chatterjee is an internationally renowned Subaltern Studies and Postcolonial scholar.

Spelling variations

  • Parth
  • Paarth
  • Partha
  • Paartha
  • Parthaa
  • Paarta
  • Partaa
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