Pranav प्रणव

  • Suitable for Boy
  • 3 syllables and 6 letters
  • pronounced as praNava
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) प्रणव

Sacred Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Pranav (Sanskrit: प्रणव) is a Hindu Indian popular masculine given name, which literally means "mystical or sacred syllable om and praise or salutation" in Sanskrit. Also, this is the Sanskrit word referring to Om, phonic sound for sacred syllable 'OM' (Om-Kaaram). The name originates from the Sanskrit language but is more often used as a Bengali name.

Intended meaning

Pranav is referred in Vajasaneyi Sanhita (वाजसनेयि संहिता), Taittiriya Samhita, Shatapatha Brahmana and Manu Smrti in which this word means the mystical or sacred syllable. Mention of Pranav is found in Lexicographers, esp. such as Amarasimha, Halayudha, Hemacandra where Pranav refers to a kind of a small drum. The Sanskrit name for the syllable is praṇava, from a root nu "to shout, sound, praise", verbal pra-nu- being attested as "to make a humming or droning sound" in the Brahmanas, and taking the specific meaning of "to utter the syllable om" in the Chandogya Upanishad and the Shrauta Sutras.

Popularity of Pranav

According to graph you can see Pranav name is famous in USA since 1977. According to the data gathered from social networking sites, this name is a pretty popular. Here Pranav is used by more than 4270 people in India as the name of their kids. Name Pranav is common. Name Pranav is with good meaning attached to it. Name Pranav have mythological significance. Pranav is not easy to say.

More about Pranav

  • Pranav Ashar is an Indian and VR filmmaker.
  • Pranav Pandya is the head of All World Gayatri Parivar and President of Swami Vivekananda Yogvidya Mahapeetham.
  • Pranav Dhanawade is an Indian schoolboy cricketer from Kalyan, Maharashtra.
  • Pranav Gupta is an Indian cricketer.
  • Pranav Mistry is a computer scientist and Inventor.
  • Pranav Mohanlal is an Indian film actor and assistant director.
  • Pranav Sivakumar is an American speller and amateur researcher.

Spelling variations

  • Pranav
  • Pranava
  • Pranaw
  • Praanav
  • Praanaw
  • Pranaav
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