Ramaka रमक

  • Suitable for Boy
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 3 syllables and 6 letters
  • pronounced as rAmaka
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) रमक

Lover Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Literal meaning of Name Ramaka (Sanskrit: रमक) is sporting, playing or enjoying one's self in Sanskrit. It is also another name for Vishnu or Lover of Laksmi

Intended meaning

Ramaka finds reference in Mahabharata where this word refers to a mountain conquered by Sahadeva. Mention of the Sanskrit name Ramaka is found in Monier Williams' Sanskrit English Dictionary in which this word refers to sporting, dallying, toying amorously. And also Ramaka means a lover or suitor.

Popularity of Ramaka

Name Ramaka ( Devanagari: रामक ) is not popular is USA at all. Boy name Ramaka is easy to pronounce, still it is not used in USA. If you are looking for unique name for baby boy born in USA or other countries. Then Ramaka is very good name from Sanskrit origin.

Spelling variations

  • Ramaka
  • Ramakha
  • Raamakha
  • Ramaaka
  • Raamaka
  • Ramaakha
  • Ramakaa
  • Ramakhaa
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