Ravichandra रविचन्द्र

  • Suitable for Boy
  • Unique name
  • 4 syllables and 11 letters
  • pronounced as ravicandra
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) रविचन्द्र

Sun and moon conjoined Short Meaning

Literal meaning

The boy name Ravichandra is derived from Sanskrit. It means "the sun and moon conjoined".

Intended meaning

The baby name Ravichandra is a Sanskrit compound, joining the words Ravi, meaning sun and Chandra, meaning moon. Thereby, Ravichandra can be loosely translated as "sun and moon conjoined". Ravichandra finds mention in Monier Williams' Sanskrit English Dictionary where Ravichandra is the name of an author of a commentary on the Amaru sataka.

Popularity of Ravichandra

Ravichandra is not a popular name in the US as indicated by the popularity charts. It is difficult to pronounce for non Indians. Ravichandra is a somewhat popular name in India. Here Ravichandra is used by few people as the name of their babies. Name Ravichandra is sweet and unique. If you are looking for name with good meaning, then Ravichandra is a good option. Name Ravichandra have mythological significance. Ravichandra is not popular in the USA, because it is longer with 4 syllables and difficult to pronunciation too.

More about Ravichandra

  • Ravi Chandra is a 1980 Kannada romantic drama film.

Spelling variations

  • Ravichandra
  • Ravichandr
  • Ravichandhra
  • Ravicandra
  • Raveechandraa
  • Ravichandraa
Nick names

Ravi रवि Chandra चन्द्र

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