Sarthak सार्थक

  • Suitable for Boy
  • 3 syllables and 7 letters
  • pronounced as sArthaka
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) सार्थक

Well done Short Meaning

Literal meaning

The boy name Sarthak (सार्थक) is derived from Sanskrit. It means "having meaning, important, advantageous and significant" Another meaning is useful, serviceable, meaningful and tasting.

Intended meaning

Mention of Sarthak (सार्थक) is found in Rig Veda Pratishakhya (ऋग् वेद प्रातिशाख्य) where this word refers to having meaning, significant, important. Sarthak finds reference in Bhagavata Purana (भागवत पुराण) and Pajcaratra with meaning serviceable, useful, advantageous.

Popularity of Sarthak

According to graph you can see Sarthak name is famous in USA since 1999. It is quite popular in India, as per social media count more than 609 people have name Sarthak. Name Sarthak is common. Sarthak has a very beautiful meaning attached to it. Sarthak has a great sort of mythological significance attached to it. Sarthak is hard to pronounce.

More about Sarthak

  • Sarthak Kalyani is an Indian teen singer who comes from central India.
  • Sarthak Golui is an Indian professional footballer.
  • Sarthak TV is a popular Indian General Entertainment Channel broadcasting in the regional language Odia.
  • Super Michhua is an Ollywood film, produced by Sarthak Films
  • Sarthak Sardana, is a DJ from India, and music producer.
  • Sarthak Behuria is an Indian businessman, predominantly active in the petroleum industry.
  • Sarthak Ranjan is an Indian cricketer who plays for Delhi.

Spelling variations

  • Sarthak
  • Sarthaka
  • Sartak
  • Sarthaak
  • Saarthak
  • Sarthakh
  • Sartakh
  • Saartak
  • Sartaak
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