Shaurya शौर्य

  • Suitable for Boy
  • Unique name
  • 2 syllables and 7 letters
  • pronounced as zaurya
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) शौर्य

Power Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Shaurya (Sanskrit: शौर्य) is a Hindu/Sanskrit Indian popular masculine given name, which literally means "might, heroism, valour and bravery" in Sanskrit. Another meaning is prowess. The name originates from the Sanskrit language but is more often used as a Bengali name.

Intended meaning

Mention of Shaurya is found in Shatapatha Brahmana (शतपथ ब्राह्मण) in which Shaurya means heroism, valour, prowess, might. Shaurya is referred in Horace H. Wilson in which this word means the heroic branch of dramatic art. Shaurya finds reference in Patajjali (पतञ्जलि) and Panini in which Shaurya is the name of Village.

Popularity of Shaurya

Shaurya is a somewhat popular name in the USA. As per USA popularity chart, Shaurya is used by approximately 726 people in the USA as the name of their kids. Shaurya is a somewhat popular name in India. Shaurya is used by more than 221 people in India as the name of their children, as per social media profiles found. The Hindu baby name Shaurya is sweet and unique. Shaurya is a Sanskrit name with ok meaning. It has mythological significance also.

More about Shaurya

  • Shaurya Chauhan is an Indian Model, Actress and a TV Host.
  • Shaurya is an Indian cricketer.
  • Shaurya Singh is an Indian television and film actor, writer, director and film producer.
  • Shaurya Smarak is a war memorial situated at Bhopal, inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on 14 October 2016.
  • Shaurya Aur Suhani is a show on STAR Plus and M-Net which premiered on 21 March 2009.
  • Shaurya Sanandia is an Indian cricketer who plays for Saurashtra.
  • The Shaurya Chakra is an Indian military decoration awarded for valour, courageous action or self-sacrifice while not engaged in direct action with the enemy.
  • The Shaurya missile is a canister launched hypersonic surface-to-surface tactical missile developed by the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for use by the Indian Armed Forces.

Spelling variations

  • Shaurya
  • Shaorya
  • Sourya
  • Showrya
  • Shoury
  • Shourya
  • Shaury
  • Showry
  • Shorya
  • Shouryaa
Nick names

Shau Arya

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