Sudarsha सुदर्षा

  • Suitable for Girl
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 3 syllables and 8 letters
  • pronounced as sudharSa
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) सुदर्षा

Lovely Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Ancient Sanskrit word Sudarsha (Sanskrit सुदर्षा) literally means beautiful to see, lovely, easily seen and conspicuous. It also means derived from sanskrit word sudarsha (सुदर्श).

Intended meaning

Mention of Sudarsha is found in Rg Veda (ऋग् वेद) and Mahabharata in which Sudarsha means easily seen, conspicuous, beautiful to see or lovely.

Popularity of Sudarsha

Sudarsha is not at all a popular baby name in the USA. According to the data gathered from social networking sites, this name is not popular. Name Sudarsha is rare. Sudarsha has a very beautiful meaning attached to it. Name Sudarsha have mythological significance. Sudarsha also has a great meaning attached to it. Name Sudarsha also have Sanskrit significance.

Spelling variations

  • Sudarsha
  • Sudarsa
  • Sudaarsa
  • Sudharsha
  • Sudarshaa
  • Sudarsh
  • Sudars
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