Ullas उल्लास

  • Suitable for Boy
  • Unique name
  • Easy to pronounce
  • 3 syllables and 5 letters
  • pronounced as ullAsa
  • Hindi (Sanskrit) उल्लास

Joy Short Meaning

Literal meaning

Ullas (Sanskrit उल्लास) is an ancient work of Sanskrit origin which literally means joy, celebration or happiness.

Intended meaning

Mention of Ullas is found in Kathasaritsagar (कथासरित्सागर) and Sahitya-Darpan (साहित्य-दर्पण) with meanings like appearing or becoming visible. Ullas is also referenced in Amaru-Shatak (अमरु-शतक) where Ullas means joy, happiness and merriness. This name is also found to be referred in Bhagvat Puran (भागवत पुराण) in which Ullas denotes increase or growth. Ullas also founds mentioned in writings of lexicographers like Hemchandra and Amar Singh where Ullas refers to light or splendour.

Popularity of Ullas

Ullas is a pretty popular name in India. As per social media, Ullas is used by more than 650 people in India as the name of their children. Ullas is not used by the people of the USA as the name of their kids as it is shown above. In our opinion Ullas is a nice name with a nice meaning attached to it. Ullas is also a sweet name.

More about Ullas

  • K. Ullas Karanth is a conservation zoologist and a leading tiger expert based in Karnataka, India.

Spelling variations

  • Ullas
  • Ullaasa
  • Ullaas
  • Ullash
  • Ullasa
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